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Whether you need a voice for an award ceremony, a company's telephone system, an eLearning module, or a corporate video or presentation: we can help! 

We work with clients around the world, in all languages, and have worked on projects for the likes of BT, Deutsche Bank, Hilton Hotels, IBM, O2, Samaritans and the Malaysian Government, with subjects ranging from specialist tax legislation to working with charities such as Amnesty International and fostering agencies to help understanding.


IT'S MORE THAN A VOICE: it's an identity

Your voice is your voice. It's the audible image of your business. It's what people will hear when they're listening to the radio, or watching a video on their phone. And then it's what they think about later on. What are the connotations of your voice going to be? Are these people going to connect with what you've said? Will they agree? Will they relate? Trust? Understand? Laugh? Will they remember? 

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